ADI Technology


ADI has been selected by Digital Catapult as one of 6 partners to build Internet of Things (IoT) experimentation testbeds for businesses and entrepreneurs across the UK.

Working alongside Arqiva and University of Leeds, ADI will be covering the Yorkshire region with the aim to address barriers to entry into the IoT marketplace.

Here’s what we’re looking for:

  • Yorkshire-based entrepreneurs or SMEs
  • Must have an early stage IoT product or service wishing to take it to the commercial prototype stage or early market release


ADI understands the importance of hardware and software needing to be compatible to be able to produce an effective and successful real-time system.

If your existing operating systems do not support your real time operations, ADI has the expertise in building operating systems that will support your needs.

As a result of working with ADI, our customers have experienced:

  • Increased Productivity
  • Reduced Costs
  • Reduced Risk


ADI can help you if your new product development schedules are experiencing problems. We know there can be different reasons including building on obsolete or an unsuitable technology platform, building on an unstructured or even unstable code base. Whatever the reason, ask us and we can see how we can help.

ADI can also help you if you or your team are unsure of which approach to specify which may be causing problems in developing new products.  For example, lack of alignment between business plans and product, road-maps, lack of clarity on business cases for new products, unclear or delayed identification of requirements and lack of end-user engagement which can end up with companies building the wrong product.

Problems with testing strategies, defect management and maintenance plans can severely impact on the timely delivery of a reliable product.  ADI’s technology and process audit helps companies ensure that both their technology base and their process are ready to generate a stream of successful products for their end-user.


ADI often finds that open, wide-ranging initial conversations about our client’s overall business challenges and objectives often uncover unexpected opportunities to add value by imaginative, innovative uses of technologies, frequently from outside the client’s own sectors of interest.

This approach can generate quite dramatic competitive advantage for our clients.  If you are looking for a technical solution and need guidance to what it is and need it applying, then contact us today.


ADI understands that technology is a means to an end, both for our clients’ businesses and for their customers and end users. Companies often use ADI’s technical expertise to work through technology strategies and product road-maps that will underpin their business strategy.

We spend time up-front with you to ensure we really understand your company vision and value proposition, your needs, constraints and priorities before helping you identify your most viable and profitable options.  This approach helps lay the foundations in creating brilliant products for your market from start to finish as well as building strategies to deliver them.

The deep understanding that we build following this approach with many of our clients is very beneficial for our clients, especially on a long-term basis. Specifically for one client, understanding their business and their customers enabled us to propose a product strategy for them that resulted in sales revenues 10x their original projections over a two-year period – transforming their entire business.


The Internet of Things (IoT) is starting to create a vast range of business opportunities for product manufacturers, telcos, service providers, and municipalities.

However, the communications technologies that have been used until now to connect businesses and people to the internet are not ideally suited to connecting vast numbers of low-cost products and sensors.

There are new networks just launching in the UK that will make connectivity possible for a range of use-cases and products for which it has been uneconomical or simply impracticable until now. ADI is first off the mark in the UK as an integrator of products onto this network.

Talk to us about how we can help you steal a march on your competitors by getting your product or service connected to this network.