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ADI is pleased to announce a recent donation to the British Pain Society to support their review of the UK guidelines for Pain Management Programmes
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ADI is pleased to announce a recent donation to the British Pain Society to support their review of the UK guidelines for Pain Management Programmes; we hope this assists their efforts to update the guidelines and help those with chronic pain improve their lives.

The British Pain Society pain management programme (PMP) guidelines are provide important guidance for encouraging best practice in the running of pain management programmes around the UK. Pain management programmes are a rehabilitative approach to enable people with pain increase their knowledge, skills and confidence to self-manage their chronic pain and build improvements in their health and lives.

Currently an interdisciplinary working group drawn from members of the Society Pain Management Programme Special Interest Group (PMP SIG) are reviewing the many changes have occurred in pain management services previous guidance last published in 2013. This group of experts working in the field of pain management are reviewing and updating current guidance and evidence recommendations.

(right to left) Iain Jones, Pain Medicine Consultant, Newcastle; Lars Williams, Pain Medicine Consultant, Glasgow; and Hannah Twiddy, Clinical Psychologist at the Walton Pain Management Centre, Liverpool.

The aim of the guidance is to inform:

· clinicians and health professional currently working in or considering setting up a pain management programme about resources required, programme content and training requirements
· general practitioners and other health care professionals and health service managers involved in commissioning pain management programmes about the evidence and rationale for PMPs and the standards of services to focus on.

We also hope that the guidelines will be of interest to any healthcare professionals and patients involved with pain management programme services.

The PMP SIG and the British Pain Society have valued the support of ADI Health in enabling this review of guidelines work.

ADI is also delighted to learn that Dr Frances Cole, part time GP and pain rehabilitation specialist, has been awarded honorary membership of the British Pain Society. Dr Cole co-authored the Pain Toolkit together with Pete Moore, which is one of ADI’s PainSense service digital patient resources

PainSense is an app developed to promote the self-management of persistent pain. It includes a range of features such as tension alerts, relaxation resources, medication tracking and the use of games to support engagement, goal-setting and adherence. Watch this video for an overview of PainSense, or visit the website to find out more.

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