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ADI will be presenting the Let Me Show U! app at iCAN’s fourth Annual Research and Advocacy Summit at Dynamic Earth, Edinburgh Friday 13 July
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ADI to present LMSU! app at iCAN’s Research and Advocacy Summit, Dynamic Earth, Edinburgh, Friday 13 July

The International Children’s Advisory Network’s fourth Annual Research and Advocacy Summit will take place on July 9-13, 2018 in Edinburgh.

The annual iCAN Summit is the one time each year that all iCAN chapters come together to share experiences, learn from one another and network with professionals from across the globe, while allowing the scientific community to engage with children and learn about the value and the significant importance of the influence of children on research, medicine, and innovation.  The 2018 Summit programme of events can be reviewed here.

ADI will be presenting LMSU! at the Summit’s Technology Showcase which will take place on Friday 13 July at Dynamic Earth, Edinburgh. LMSU! supports the transition of young people with disabilities from children to adult services, as well as providing Education, Health and Care plan management and Personal Assistant training.

LMSU! is a person centred online tool that empowers the young person, by putting them in control of their health, care team and their daily life, by storing and sharing media, connecting them to their support network and letting them easily manage their goals.  To learn more about LMSU! click here or download our digital co-design development poster.

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